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Our liquid assets: making every drop count is a scientific project based on comparisons of water ecosystems that will commence December 2016. The project will run for two years with partner school Gymnazium Jihlava, Czech Republic. Students will study drinking water, the procedure of waste water treatment and water consumption, making comparisons throughout recording their hypothesis and learning in lab diaries.

Project objectives:

  • Enhance scientific and analytical skills

  • Understand the differences in water management internationally

  • Develop links with local and international water and environmental service providers

Both schools will run a preparation course for their students to plan and set project tasks. Students will be required to present their work throughout the project. Details of transnational exchange visits and progress made throughout the project will be recorded on the project website.

Year 1

Transnational meeting in the UK (TDA) - June 2017

Year 2

Transnational meeting in Czech Republic - June 2018