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Year 7 into 8 - Term 6

Students are studying A-Z of religions. This is to look at 26 different parts of religions and give a breadth of knowledge whilst looking at some similarities between religious thought.

Watch the video clips for each letter A-Z and write down what each of the words mean. Try to identify which of the six major world religions and non-religious worldviews (e.g. Humanism, atheism) they are linked to. Pick one religion or letter/word that you will explore in more detail and write a bit more about it. By the end of this term, you should have 26 key terms with 5 of them having more detailed explanations.

Complete by these deadlines:

A - E = 19/6

F – J = 26/6

K – O = 3/7

P – T = 10/7

U – Z = 17/7

If you need any help, email your RE teacher or Mrs Amy Thompson (Subject Leader of RE)

Year 8 into 9 - Term 6

Pick 3 people from the list below that you will research. Each person is inspirational in a different way. In order to organise what you’re doing, you should research the first person by 26/6, the second person by 8/7, and the third person by 17/7.

1) Rabbi Julia Neuberger
2) Sophie Scholl
3) Pope Francis
4) Muhammad Ali
5) Oscar Romero
6) Millicent Fawcett
7) Nelson Mandela
8) Martin Luther King Jr

Once you have picked the 3 people to look into, you need to find answers to these questions.

a) Why is this person inspirational?
b) What has he/she done in their lives to make them inspirational?
c) What qualities do you think all inspirational people have in common?
d) What things have inspired them in life?
e) What impact do this inspirational person have on the lives of others?

If you need any help, email your RE teacher or Mrs Amy Thompson (Subject Leader of RE)

Year 9 into 10 - Term 6

For this topic you will be focusing on Buddhism. For each fortnight, you will have a different aspect of Buddhism to look into and research. Use the following BBC websites to help:

There are quizzes on Buddhism that you can take to assess your knowledge that you have built during your time in KS3:

Week 1 (15/6 – 26/6) = Create a visual representation of the key aspects of Buddhism with a short explanation for each section: worship, food, dress and holy book.

Week 2 (29/6 – 10/7) = What are the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path? Draw the ‘Dharma wheel’ and label it with each part of the eightfold path and a short explanation on what it means.

Week 3 (13/7 – 17/7) = Create a timeline of the life of the Buddha which includes his birth, enlightenment, death and 5 other instances in his life that you find interesting.

If you need any help, email your RE teacher or Mrs Amy Thompson (Subject Leader of RE)

Year 10 into 11

You will be continuing their GCSE work as normal but will be focusing on continuing with the Human Rights and Social Justice topic. Those of you who have been learning Buddhism Beliefs for two lessons per week will pick back up on this once back in school. All work needs to be completed in as much detail as possible. You have quizzes to complete on Seneca and on Show My Homework each week. All work will be sent to you through Show My Homework.

Year 11

You have now finished learning the content for the GCSE so will need to have a very clear revision focus for this time. All revision resources are on Microsoft Teams and have been made available through Show My Homework. You have also been completing quizzes on Seneca and should be using Seneca to continue your revision. You will also be sent work and exam questions to answer which will then be marked by teachers. You need to keep checking emails and Show My Homework for this work.

Year 12 into 13

You will be continuing to complete your Buddhism Living booklets and using the powerpoints to do so. All resources are available to you on Microsoft Teams and will follow the same format that we have used all year. You will be sent a philosophy essay to complete during the week to ensure you are still doing exam practice in preparation for the mock exams.

Year 13

You have completed all content for the Religious Studies A level. All work that has been completed over the course of the 2 years has been uploaded to Microsoft Teams including work booklets for you to use for revision and work through. You will be sent a list of practice exam questions to complete and send back to be marked to ensure you are still doing exam practice for the exams in June.