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Home learning via Microsoft Teams

We are moving to a new digital platform (Microsoft Teams) to help support your child with in-academy and home learning. This platform will allow teachers to post messages to their classes, upload files and resources and set assignments for students to complete. 

So far, we have set up all Teams class sites for your child’s subjects. The tutor group Teams site is also accessible, to allow the tutor to communicate important messages to your child.  Your child will have been shown how to access Teams during tutor time.

You can support your child further by downloading Teams on your home PC or laptop and by helping them to find their class sites and logging in.  Below is a student friendly guide that gives information on how to log onto Teams from home and how to access the resources and assignments on there. 

How to access Teams from home

Students Guide to Microsoft Teams - Attending Live Lessons in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Supportive websites for advice and self-help which you may find useful for mental health support and keeping safe online

Restricted/no access to online learning:

In the summer of 2020 for Year 8, 9 and 10 and in September for Year 7 and Year 12 we gave all students CGP book for Maths, English and Science, or course text books. If your child can not access Teams then they can use these course books to work from instead. The following key guidance will provide a focus from the booklets to support students' learning:


Remote Learning: Key Stage 3 - English, click here


Remote Learning: Year 7 - Maths, click here

Remote Learning: Year 8 - Maths, click here

Remote Learning: Year 9 - Maths, click here

Answers CGP Book 1 Part 1, click here

Answers CGP Book 1 Part 2, click here

Answers CGP Book 2, click here

Answers CGP Book 3, click here


Remote Learning: Year 7 - Science, click here

Remote Learning: Year 8 - Science, click here

Remote Learning: Year 9 - Science, click here


Remote Learning KS3 - Geography, click here


Remote Learning KS3 - History, click here


Remote Learning: Year 7 - RE, click here

Remote Learning: Year 8 - RE, click here

Remote Learning: Year 9 - RE, click here


Remote Learning: KS3 - Spanish, click here


Remote Learning KS3 - PE, click here

Expressive Arts and Music

Remote Learning: Key Stage 3 - Expressive Arts and Music, click here

If a child absent due to Covid-19 self-isolation

If your child is absent and isolating, they can access all home learning resources on their class Teams sites. Your child will already have their log ins for this. If your child has an issue with logging on to Teams, please contact If there are any other issues, please contact your Year Administrator.