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Easter activities

While you have time at home- think about trying a new pursuit online. This is something you could do either on your own or with your family.

Lots of online services have enabled free access so we can take advantage of this unexpected opportunity.

Learn another Language
There are plenty of apps that help you learn a language for free. Download one, and spend 30 minutes a day teaching yourself how to speak Italian, German, Japanese - or whatever language takes your fancy. The wonderful Duolingo app is highly recommended HERE

Catch up with your reading

If you have a collection of books to dip into then great. If not, download the Sora app and put in your TDA username and password and access thousands of books.

Listen to audiobooks

Audible, part of, has released a collection of hundreds of free audiobooks for children kept home from school. Go to

Learn to cook

There are lots of apps you can use or youtube channels to visit. Consider watching Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On every weekday at 5:30pm on Channel 4. Or you could visit his youtube channel.

Watch Ted Talks

There are thousands of Ted Talks available online so you will definitely find some you are interested in. You may want to check out these speakers who are under the age of 20.

Listen to Podcasts

Give yourself a break from your screens and kickback and enjoy a podcast. There are thousands to choose from – click here for some suggestions.

Watch a Play
National Theatre Live will screen a Play every Thursday at 7pm. They will be available for you to watch for the following 7 day. It starts on 2nd April with James Corden in One Man Two Guvnors LINK.

The Royal Shakespeare Company has free full length broadcast here LINK

Watch a Ballet
Every Friday at 7pm a full-length ballet will be broadcast by the Royal Opera House LINK. This week begins with Peter and the Wolf LINK

Discover a new City or Culture
Explore the world’s greatest landmarks, culture and arts with Goole Arts and Culture LINK

Virtual Tour
Here are 12 of the world’s greatest museums and galleries LINK

Explore London
All our best Museums and Galleries from Home Galleries LINK

Have you ever tried Opera?
The Met Opera in New York have nightly broadcasts of World-class performances LINK
Glyndebourne Opera is in East Sussex LINK

Attend a virtual Lecture
Gresham College records all of its high-quality lecture programme LINK
MASSOLIT works with academics from the world's best universities to produce high-quality videos. LINK

Live Classical Music
Chamber music from around the world LINK
Berlin Philharmonic LINK

Read/listen to Classic Books
Free on Audible including some classics HERE
There are over 1000 free audiobooks here LINK

Go to University
Try a Short University Courses from around the world LINK

Still not found your passion?
Try Chatterpack’s - Zoo cams, podcasts, tour, challenge, concerts, prayer, mindfulness, dance, engineering,
Tai Chi, economics, rainforest tours, virtual choirs and lots more! It’s fantastic… LINK