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Miss Stephanie Preen, Dr Wiggin and Miss Claire O'Donnell lead a Social Science and integrated Humanities trip to Vienna, Austria.


 Students were taken around Vienna and given in depth knowledge of the history and culture of this beautiful city by one of the leading Psychology writers and examiners. Students had the privilege of visiting Freud’s house to see the foundations of his work and were given a guided tour around one of Europe’s first psychiatric institutions to investigate historical ways of dealing with mental health. They went underneath St Stephen’s Cathedral to explore the catacombs where victims of the plagues and the dignitaries were buried as well as a guided tour around a Jewish Synagogue and museum highlighting the effects of World War 2 – including a medieval excavation of a synagogue.   The trip managed to combine Psychology, History, Religious Studies with influences from Geography, Politics and Sociology. The students had an amazing time and came back full of passion and enthusiasm!