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  • Parents/Carers:

    Y7 Parent Information Evening, 5th September 2018, 5.30pm - 7pm & Y10 Parent Information Evening, 6th September 2018, 5.30pm - 7pm. We look forward to welcoming you.   

Access the Progress Reports →

To access your child’s Progress Report you will need to use your Username and Password - please get in touch if you do not have this. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of your child’s Progress Report please let your child’s House Administrator know.  

Reporting Cycle

     Year 10 to 13    Year 7 to 9
Checkpoint 1   20 Oct 2017    22 Nov 2017
Checkpoint 2   19 Jan 2018    14 Mar 2018
Checkpoint 3    29 Mar 2018    6 Jul 2018
Checkpoint 4    6 July 2018   N/A

The Academy produces Progress Reports for all students, three or four times a year.  These will be posted to parents immediately after the publication dates shown above.  If you require an additional copy of your child’s Progress Report please let your child’s House Administrator know.

The information below is to help explain what the report means and how it can be used to help your child succeed in their learning.

Understanding the report.

TDA TARGET: This is the grade the student should aim to achieve by the end of the Year in July.

NATIONAL EXPECTED PROGRESS: This is the level the government expects students to achieve, given their starting point. Due to the change to gradings this does not exist yet for English and Maths in Year 11.

CURRENT PERFORMANCE: This is the grade the student is currently working at.

PROFESSIONAL PREDICTION: This is the grade the student is expected to gain if they continue to progress at their current rate.

PERFORMANCE STATUS: This shows if the student is on track to achieve the expected target.

For years 7-11 we give ‘fine levels’, where:

  • 5+    student has reached the top of the level and is working towards the next level
  • 5      student is working well within the level
  • 5-     student has started to work at the level but is not yet secure

For years 10-11 we give a GCSE ‘fine grade’, where:

  • C+ = student is a secure grade C, and could achieve a grade B
  • C   = student is insecure within C grade, intervention is necessary to secure that grade or boost to the next grade
  • C-  = student is still very insecure within C grade, intervention certainly necessary to secure C grade

There are vocational equivalents for the vocational subjects.

Performance Status is the teacher’s professional judgement on whether the student is on track to achieve their expected target.  There are three possibilities:

  • ‘In line with expectations’ – student is on track to achieve the target grade
  • ‘Above expectations’ – student is on track to exceed target grade
  • ‘Working towards expectations’ – student is not yet on track to achieve their target grade. 

For example:
James is in year 9, and his target for English is 8.  His current performance level is 6- and his performance status is 'in line with expectations'.

What does this mean?

This term James has reached 6 grade in a classroom assessment, but only just, and his teacher judged this as 6-.  This is below 8, but James is still in year 9.  His teacher believes that he is on track to achieve the A grade in year 11. As James’ parent you might ask him what he needs to do to get the A grade - he should be able to tell you!  (His 8 grade target is based on his KS2 SAT score: please see the ‘targets explained’ document below for more information on how target grades are set at Thomas Deacon Academy).

We hope that having discussed the Progress Report with your child, you will want to discuss it with us. Your child’s tutor’s email address is available on the Parent Portal accessible via the TDA website, which is the preferred way for you to make contact but you can also write or phone the Academy. In addition, our Parents’ Evenings give you an opportunity each year to meet your child’s teachers, but please do not hesitate to contact your child’s House Administrator if you have a concern or a question.