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  • Parents/Carers:

    KS2 Parents' Evening, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March 2019, 3pm - 7pm. We look forward to welcoming you.

Learning at Thomas Deacon Academy

Learning and student progress is at the heart of everything we do at Thomas Deacon Academy.

At Thomas Deacon Academy, students experience high quality lessons which enable them to make rapid progress in their learning and to help them achieve challenging personal targets.  Learning and teaching, for both staff and students, should be an enjoyable shared experience with independent, engaged and interested learners and enthusiastic, reflective, challenging and innovative teachers and teaching.

Student learning is at the heart of lesson planning and the teaching process.  Our staff are encouraged to be innovative in their teaching methods and ensure that students are both challenged and engaged.  Learning and teaching is focussed around students and teaching takes account of the needs of all our students, including those with special educational needs, those identified as able and talented and students for whom English is not their first language. To help support and develop learning, all students will receive regular feedback using the Academy’s assessment and feedback policy helping them to develop their own learning and make progress towards their achievement targets. 

What can our students expect?

  • That lessons are planned to meet their needs

  • That staff are innovative and enthusiastic to ensure engagement and interest in learning

  • That they receive accurate, regular and timely feedback on their work

  • That teachers are prepared to lead their learning

  • A consistent experience in quality of teaching and management of behaviour across the Academy.

What can our teachers expect?

  • That student behaviour for learning is outstanding (including being equipped for learning and arriving at lessons at the correct time)

  • That students are engaged and interested in their own learning

  • That students work hard both inside and outside of lessons meeting all deadlines

  • That students respond to feedback and make every effort to make progress in their learning.