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  • Parents/Carers

    The Academy closes for the end of term 4 on Friday 5th April and will re-open to students on Wednesday 24th April. We would like to wish you all a safe and restful break. 

International projects enable our students to meet, communicate and work with people from other countries and cultures where they will develop new skills to support them in their learning in school and for future employment.

Students from Y3 up to Y13 have the opportunity to take part in collaborative project work with schools in Europe. Projects include “Who Do You Think We Are?” focussing on culture and identity across Europe with partner schools in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and Croatia, “Fair Trade in Europe” exploring business practice and consumer habits where students will work with their peers from Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Denmark and "Liquid Assets: Making every drop count" making comparisons of water eco-systems and the associated physical and human enviroment. There will be student exchanges and a chance to live in another country, learn another language, visit businesses and work in another school.

We have a school exchange programme with partner schools in Spain, France and Germany to support Modern Foreign Languages and more recently we have developed partnerships with schools in Pakistan, Ukraine and Moscow.

Students from outside the UK are able to join lessons at Thomas Deacon Academy for short term placements in our International Student Programme. We have recently hosted students from China, Taiwan and Spain.

For further details please contact Dr Hilary Faulkner

+44 (0)1733 426060 ex 6179