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Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIG) at Thomas Deacon Academy  2018       

 Thomas Deacon Academy: Provider Access Policy

Thomas Deacon Academy understands that although important, school years make up a small proportion of an individual's whole life. For this reason, as a school we are committed to offering a wide Careers Education and Information Advice and Guidance (CEIG) programme that motivates our students into gaining the highest levels of achievement and personal development, learning the necessary employability skills and behaviours for their desired career.

Our CEIG programme aims to equip and encourage young people into further and higher education and employment and aims to reduce the variance in student outcomes, with a specific focus on groups including the more disadvantaged and the more able within the school community.

It comprises classroom based lessons, off-site educational activities and experiences from Y6 to Year 13, with opportunities to develop communication and literacy skill, leadership and teamwork, resilience and resourcefulness and help our students to emerge from school ready for the world of work.

The programme has a framework linked to student learning outcomes and incorporates measures to highlight and evidence its impact eg. student voice and indicators of behaviour and achievement progress. Our delivery benchmarks:

  • An embedded programme of CEIG known and understood by staff, students and parents;
  • Access to high quality information about future study and labour market opportunities;
  • Advice and guidance tailored to the needs of each student;
  • Linking curriculum learning with careers including highlighting the STEM subjects with a wide range of career paths;
  • Opportunities for students to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills valued in the workplace;
  • Provision of work place experiences to help explore career pathways through partnership with local emplyers;
  • All students understand the full range of learning opportunities through academic and vocational routes in school, colleges, universities, apprenticeships and the workplace;
  • Access to guidance interviews and online careers advice.     

Careers Education Information and Guidance 2018-19

We aim to provide a learning programme for CEIG that has suitable breadth, depth and relevance to meet the needs of our students and the interests of employers in the local and national community. The programme will enhance the personal, vocational and academic learning of each student who will be prepared for the next stage in their education, training and employment. The National Careers Service are supporting the growth and development of our programme which is provided via the Personal Development (PD) curriculum.

Each year group has a set of PD lessons which target specific skills especially time management, communication, research and team membership and in addition, students are provided with opportunities to learn how to respond to the changing needs of business and consider participation in higher education programmes.

Y6 pupils will take part in a Business Challenge designed to develop awareness of the skills valued in the workplace. 

Y7 - 8 will focus on self-development and self-awareness and explore identity and career ideas through research and enterprise challenges and access to STEM events.

Y8 - 10 students will investigate career requirements using Fast Tomato and Morrisby Online, the latter providing targeted pupil premium students with support and guidance. Students will access STEM events including Engineering and Construction challenges, and Tomorrow's Engineers led by external providers, Smallpeice and Engineering Development Trust. Parents will be invited to Parents' Forum meetings to raise awareness about applying to university.  

In Y9, students will be considering their options for two year GCSE courses in Y10 and Y11 and beyond. They will have online and tutor guidance to support pathway selection and in PD they learn about changes in the workplace and the local labour market. Pupil Premium students are encouraged to raise their aspirations beyond school and to consider Higher Education. Access to the local labour market is provided by Industry Insights, business challenges with a focus on entrepreneurial and presentation skills and access to high quality mentoring through our partnership with Peterborough Skills Service and NEACO.

Y10 students learn more about STEM careers during Big Bang Week supported by Post 16 STEM Ambassadors. Links with the Transformation Trust and Anglia Ruskin University support Pupil Premium students aspiring to progress to Higher Education at Post 18. Students also visit Further Education colleges and the annual City Career Festival to meet with local and national employers. 

In Year 11, students are supported to submit their personal details and post 16 applications through an online system which tracks students progress through the application process. Business and FE mentors are available to support with CV writing and interview techniques.

The Post 16 team have a Personal Development programme which provides further advice and guidance and some students are encouraged to seek volunteering and work experience during enrichment time. Prior to entry in Term 6, prospective Y13 students embark on a 2 day Futures event with advice about UCAS application, GAP years and apprenticeships. High ability students in Y12 and Y13 have access to academic and vocational residential courses at Villiers Park in Cambridge. Mentoring is provided by the Higher Education Champion and students visit Higher Education Centres.

Careers Programme 2018

Year Group




Business Challenge



Building team work

Industry insight

Student voice

Higher Education visits

Y6 and parents

HE Champion

Raise aspirations

Student voice

PD About me


PD team

Consider identity & values

PD team

PD Fast Tomato

Y8 - 10


Morrisby Foundation

Personal skills and careers

PP cohort, Y8 MALS

STEM week

All years

Smallpeice Trust


EDT Challenges

Broadening options, encouraging creativity and enterprise

Student voice

Careers advice and guidance

Y9 - 13

Business Mentors

HE Champion

Raise awareness of opportunities locally

PP cohort

Dragons Den 'Build a Business'

Y7 - 9

Peterborough Skills Service

Entrepreneurial skills and Enterprise Passport

Collaborative learning


Careers aspirations survey

Y9 - 10


Linking curriculum to pathways

Student voice

Higher Education access


University Centre Peterborough

Raising aspirations


Junior University


Transformation Trust

Anglia Ruskin University

Self-esteem, research and
study skills

Students voice

Y11 tracking

Engaging our schools


HM Passport Office, Peterborough

Raising self-esteem

Preparing personal statements

Y11 tracking

Parent consultation evenings

Post 16 Pathways

Y10 - 11

Stamford College

Peterborough Regional College

City College Peterborough

Raising awareness of local Post 16 provision including apprenticeships 


Careers Fair Peterborough


Y1 - 12

Peterborough Skills Service

Exploring careers

Student voice

Post 16 options assemblies

TDA6 presentation

Visits to Further Education



Visits to FE Colleges

Introduction to on-line application
and city wide options


Careers Fair online employability hub


Work Ready Schools

Self-directed Study

Student voice

Higher Education Conference

Post 16

Newcastle, Lincoln, Anglia Ruskin and De Montfort Universities

Higher Education visits and subject guidance

Identifying NEET groups 

Higher Education Peterborough

(after AS exams)

Stamford and City Colleges

Foundation Degrees and Higher level Apprenticeships


Careers in Health Care

Post 16



Training and links with local providers

Potential NHS apprenticeships

National Citizenship Scheme

Y11 - 13


National Citizenship Service

Residential for Y11, Post GCSE


National Careers Service


PD / Tutor Booklet

PD booklet preparing for life after TDA6: skills and opportunities for specific careers 


 TDA Employability Hub - Online careers advice on leadership, self- confidence, resilience, communication skills, presentation and personal branding and job hunting - Please enter to access the Hub

 Fast Tomato - On-line careers guidance for 12 - 18 year olds - Please enter to access the website

Post 16 Futures Form

For further information about Careers Advice and Guidance at TDA contact Hilary Faulkner, 01733 426060 x6179,