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  • Parents/Carers:

    Y9 Parents' Evening, Tuesday 20th November, 3.30pm - 7pm. Please book your appointment online. We look forward to welcoming you.

Art, Photography and Textiles: Miss A Powell-Bowns

Subjects and Qualifications:

We offer GCSEs in Art, Photography and Art Textiles. We also offer all 3 subjects at A Level. Students with creativity, a passion for the subject and a desire to investigate and explore are very successful within our subjects. Many of our Arts students go on to study at college and university. These students are then invited back to share what the courses and university are like.


We are very well equipped and our facilities include 4 Art Studios, a computer suite for Photography, A Textiles room and a Post 16 Art area. We also have our creative technicians who work closely with teaching staff to support the teaching and learning within the department.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

There is a KS3 Art club once a week and KS4 pupils are invited to attend Open Studio twice a week to work on coursework. Post 16 students are available to work in the Post 16 Art area during their study periods. We encourage our students to enter competitions at KS4 and KS5. There are regular trips to galleries, museums and exhibitions and local Artist workshops are held for our A Level Arts students throughout the year.

Students work is showcased regularly on our instagram account and we also celebrate students’ work throughout the school and annually in a large Arts exhibition in the atrium, where we invite all staff, students, parents of our students and local colleagues to attend.


Schemes of work are thoughtfully designed and reviewed regularly to inform and enrich student’s learning in Art each year. Students are available to explore a wide variety of media, artists, projects and disciplines. This allows them to build in confidence and experience Art as multi-disciplinary, which equips them for KS4 and beyond. We encourage students to investigate different Art genres, work independently and collaboratively and explore working in many different ways and ideas. Our students do very well at GCSE and A Level under dedicated teaching from our staff who all have different areas of Arts specialisms. Our expectations are high and students rise to the challenge and enjoy the diversity of our curriculum.

If you have any other questions about the Arts curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Gaunt, Vice Principal in the first instance, on 01733 426360 or